Monday, May 20, 2013

Taiwan: Fuxing to Baling

Photos by Jack Waldron

Remember this, going down hill on a bicycle only means you'll have to up hill . . . eventually, and when your afternoon begins with ten kilometers of UP, well, you might not make it down . . . 
Biking from Fuxing to Baling (about 30 km) yesterday morning offered some challenging ups and downs, with regard to hills. In Baling, I found a nice picnic table in front of a shop, bought a sports drink, and ate the sandwiches I stowed away from lunch. Little did I know that the next ten kilometers would climb to an elevation of 1500 meters!!
After pushing my bike up hill 90 percent of the ten kilometers (because I'm not Lance Armstrong!), I had finally exhausted all my water. I was now in the middle of the Mingchih Forest with no water . . . , but, don't be alarmed! I pulled out my water purification pump, and filled my bottles to rim. I continued climbing. 
Then, finally, a little bit of down hill. I had no more peddle left in me. Then, just two kilometers from the Mingchih Recreation Mountain Facility (with rooms!), the mountain police drove up to inquire about my situation, cause I didn't know it was 5:30pm. The rest of the story is fairly uneventful, so I'll just leave you with the pictures.

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