Monday, September 2, 2013

Gortyn and Phaistos: Crete

Photos by Jack Waldron

Gortyn is a magical ancient city, with statues still in their original placements (or, in situ, though, not the statue pictured above), and the monumental stepped altar in front of the Temple to Pythian Apollo (pictured below).
Pictured below, the Praetorium of Gortyn . . . , look in the middle upper left of the photo to see a headless statue still in its original placement, in situ!
The Odeion of Gortyn (below).
My bike overlooking the Mesara Plain, the length of which I road on my way to Tsoutsouros from Matala.
Above, the Phaistos Disk: Interpretations of the disk range from astronomical or astrological calendar, to a hymn of victory.  I am currently working on my own interpretation, which I think will be fun for all!
Above, the West Court of the Palace of Phaistos . . . 
Above, the southern room of the Royal Apartments, while below is the northern Royal Apartment.
Above, a giant pithoi, featuring a design found in Knossos and Phaisos.  Below, an interesting image etched into a giant slab in the Corridor Entrance to the Central Court.
Above, the East Court with Kiln on the left.  Below, the Central Court.

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