Friday, September 13, 2013

Kamiros: Camping with the Ancients

Photos by Jack Waldron

Pictured above, sunset from my free camping on the beach just below ancient Kamiros, Rhodes.  The trail was littered with some wonderful pottery shards!!  Below, two photos of the ancient Doric temple in ancient Kamiros.
Below, a photo of the center of ancient Kamiros.  Top left of the photo, the Sanctuary Of The Gods, where statues once adorned the site sacred site.  Center right, Fountain Square and the late Hellenistic fountain.
Pictured above, the columns of the front of the late Hellenistic fountain.  Below, the Sanctuary Of The Gods.
The main street that runs through the center of ancient Kamiros, lined with the remains of houses.
Below, the Archaic cistern ear the acropolis of ancient Kamiros.

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