Saturday, July 13, 2013

Segesta: Road from Sferacavallo

Photos by Jack Waldron

The beautiful bay of Sferacavallo was hard to leave.  The view above was taken from my balcony!!
Gorilla camping outside the fence below the acropolis and theater of Segesta.
The Doric temple of Segesta (here taken from across the valley), is a peripteral and hexastyle structure, with 36 columns.
The high entablature and the pediments are intact, and though never completed, it is one of the grandest monuments of Doric architecture.
The lines of the temple were carefully calculated (the middle columns bulge slightly in the middle, called entasis), and the stylobate and entablature are convex, all to avoid the optical illusion of looking distorted from a distance if the lines were straight.

As is typical of Greek theaters, its placement on top of Mt. Barbaro was purposeful, in order to provide the audience with a spectacular backdrop to the performances.
Demetra and Aphrodite ponder their play with the mortals on the skene of the theater . . . 

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  1. Way to go Jack, I've always wanted to go Sicilly. Where's next? Carthage?


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