Friday, December 26, 2014

Adanos: Road to Adana!

Photos by Jack Waldron

On the road to Adana I ran into these two guys who had decided to cycle from Mersin to Adana.  When I pulled into the gas station they asked if I had seen a black bag . . . to which I replied, "yeah, about four kilometers back".  So, one of the guys jumped on his bike and headed back to find the bag.  Meanwhile, the other guy started fixing a flat tire.  I kicked back and drank a cola.  Across the road from the gas station, up on a high escarpment sat the Ceyhan Castle (pictured below).

When I arrived in Adana, I easily found my locale on the city map when I crossed the 4C AD Roman Stone Bridge, which is still one of the busiest bridges in the city.  
I had to spend a couple nights in Adana because my computer was being serviced (don't ask!), the archeological museum was closed for the summer (don't ask!), and I found some wonderfully tart cherries, that, weren't cherries (but a truly beautiful tasting fruit), and I ate them ALL . . . (don't ask!!).

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